In the beginning of 2015, while talking to another UWD member at UWD’s annual leadership retreat, someone uttered the words we were all thinking… “Have we thought about updating our logo?” This sentence kickstarted a year-long journey to handcraft a new logo and identity that accurately represented UWD and UWD members.

The journey started in Houston, Texas where we set up listening sessions with other UWD members to get their thoughts on what they liked and dislike about the original UWD logo. Our multi-ethnic community, mulit-issue agenda, and commitment to fight for dignity and justice for all , wasn’t reflected in the look of our logo.


We then asked what they wished to see in a new logo. Almost unanimously, UWDers said they wanted a logo that visualized the “united” in our name and celebrated the diversity of our membership.

We took these listening sessions to other states including New York, North Carolina, as well as to our online members.

After listening to and compiling all of the information from the listening sessions, we launched an open call to UWDers and anyone who wanted to contribute to giving shape to our new logo to submit design concepts.

We received about 100 submissions that were beautifully designed but, for some reason or another, did not stand out from the sea of logos. It was extremely challenging to reflect our membership with the usual silhouette or symbol.


We went back to talk to some members to see how we could do this. We brainstormed for hours and finally it hit us… to reflect our members we must put our members on our logo.

We ran with the idea and crafted the new logo by hand. Sketch after sketch, the new logo began to take shape and year after the journey started, our members developed a truly memorable and vibrant logo that reflects what UWD is all about: community, empowerment, and creating meaningful change.